Why Travel Insurance?

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation or business trip with LESS worry? Well you can ease some of your concerns by proper planning. Any trip should always include insurance protection. You never know in today’s times what you can expect. Well, with The WorldTravelCenter international travel insurance packages you will feel more secure knowing you have planned

for some of the unexpected surprises you may face during your travels.

The WorldTravelCenter offers you complete travel planning protection. If you are traveling anywhere in the world for a few days or for an extended period of time, even up to two years, we can provide the coverage you need and at a price that is affordable.

If your only concerned with “Medical Evacuation” then we have this available in a stand-alone format.

Adventure Sports travelers we can also cover your insurance needs with our specialty international travel insurance protection plans.

We also have available US Style health insurance benefits anywhere in the world you travel.

Annual Multi-trip makes traveling Worldwide as often as you want for one LOW fee.

Single Trip vacation and travel medical insurance for the occasional traveler.

Extended Stay Worldwide insurance plans designed for longer trips up to 2 years.

Business Travel insurance plans designed for the business traveler.
Group Traveler’s try our new Group Quote Request Tool.
The WorldTravelCenter has coverage available for US and Non- US citizens.

Apply online right now for your international travel insurance needs . LOW rates and excellent international travel insurance packages available for all of your travel requirements.


It’s a good idea to check with the US Government State Department’s Travel
Warnings & Consular Information Sheet

and run a search on the country of your destination(s). This is a very important resource for all “International Traverlers.”

Bring nonprescription medications that you might need with you. Take insurance ID cards. International Travel Insurance is very important and affordable, your regular medical insurance coverage may not cover you outside the USA.

Take a medical first aid kit. Take sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Don’t take expensive jewelry. Check with your health care provider before leaving if you are taking medications. Carry any medications with you — not in your luggage. Take the name and phone numbers of your pharmacist and health care provider. When traveling to another country, research the accessibility and quality of health care there. If you are leaving your children, leave a consent-to-treat form with whomever is caring for your children. Take immunization records, along with any other important medical records–especially when traveling to another country. When traveling to an underdeveloped country, make sure that everyone in your traveling party is adequately immunized against any infectious disease you might encounter. Some countries require certificates of vaccination against diseases such as cholera and yellow fever. Check with your health care provider and see the section on immunizations. You may need to carry an international shot record for proof, in some countries.