Wouldn’t It Be Nice NOT Having To Worry About Who Is Going To Pay For Your Burial and Final Expenses? Wouldn’t It Be NICE Knowing That You Made The Right Decision For Your Loved Ones? Whatever your age, you know it’s never too soon to reflect on planning with final expense and burial insurance to alleviate loved ones’ undue financial burdens. However, final expense is only one of the uses of Simplified Issue Whole Life insurance.

This coverage can help you with…
Medical Bills, Funeral Expenses, Probate Taxes, Administrative Expenses and Outstanding Debt. You may wish, for example, to provide for a charitable gift to your church, or a non-profit organization that you support. This plan can be set up to provide part or all of the life insurance benefits payable to whoever you choose.

This program offers “GUARANTEED” Premiums that will never increase. Death benefits “GUARANTEED” not to decrease. NO Medical Exam required and CASH values available for emergencies. Issue ages 80 to 85 years of age. ACCELERATED DEATH benefits available at NO CHARGE providing up to 50% of your life insurance benefit should you be diagnosed by a qualifying physician as having a terminal illness..